[TSE30F FILAMENT SIZING MACHINE] Expanding the possibilities of filament yarn

Our unique technology has a minimum tension of 40 N (optionally, 20 N) that delivers optimum performance even with fine-count yarns and small lot production. Smooth and stable tension is maintained even during speed changes, from acceleration to stable operation through to deceleration.


Ultra-low tension control (option) is introduced. Stable tension control in a wide range is possible.

Quality (High Quality Fabric)

The auto-tuning function of temperature control [PAT.] stabilizes temperature control [PAT.] in a wide range from high to low temperature.


Max. yarn speed: 300, 500 m/min

Easy operation and maintenance

User friendly "Sizing Navigation System"

Energy savings

Our regenerative energy system reduces power consumption.
The inverter-controlled blower system optimizes precise hot air circulation.

[TSD30F SUPPLY STAND] Tension setting in units of 1 N and high-quality delivery

The ability to set tension in units of 1 N makes it possible to maintain stable yarn elongation at all times, even with yarns that require subtle tension management such as ultra-fine-count yarns. In addition, the design has no dancer rollers between the supply stand and sizing, eliminating yarn snarling and ensuring high quality yarn delivery.

[TB30F BEAMER] An advanced warp beam for advanced fabrics

A wide range of beam stand pull-out tension specifications are available to meet customer needs, from ultra-low tension for ultra-fine-count yarns to high tension for industrial materials. The range of take-up tensions is from 450 N to 7800 N/φ800. A range of 300 N to 5900 N/φ800 is also available as an option.

[TW30F WARPER] Nip tension control featured as standard for high-quality warping

We have made nip tension control a standard specification. By gripping the yarn with nip rollers to control the tension, high-quality warping is achieved for various yarn types, from synthetic untwisted yarn to strong twisted yarn, and from ultra-fine to thick yarn counts.

[TCR-H/HT CREEL] Compatible with large packages up to 20 kg

The TCR-H Semi-Magazine Creel and the TCR-HT Truck Creel are available. Exchanging yarn packages is easy and stable tension is available.

[TTS10F FILAMENT SLASHER] Batch sizing of fine-denier yarns

* The colors may differ from those of the actual product.

This is a batch sizer for fine-denier filaments, created by utilizing our knowhow about the single end sizing systems that are ideal for fine-denier yarn, including untwisted yarn. It offers high-quality sizing with excellent cost performance. This single unit can supply warp beams to over 400 water jet looms.