[TTS30S SPUN SIZING MACHINE] Sustainable sizing

We have improved sizing stability, productivity, operating convenience and environmental performance. With the addition of the newly developed “Shower & Dip Squeeze System”, there are now three types of sizing systems in a comprehensive lineup to provide optimal sizing for customers. These sizing systems also feature excellent energy-saving performance and can make a great contribution to efficient operation of weaving machines.


The newly developed "Shower & Dip Squeeze System" prevents deterioration of the size liquid during operation and ensures stable sizing. Appropriate tension control for particularly delicate fine-count yarns is also achieved with exacting stretch control and tension control.


Max. yarn speed: 150 m/min (Option: 200 m/min )
Optimized design of the sizing section improves drying efficiency.

Easy operation

User friendly "Sizing Navigation System"

Energy savings

A regenerative energy system reduces power consumption.
Efficient arrangement of drying cylinders reduces steam consumption.

[TTS10S SPUN SIZING MACHINE] The T-Tech Japan-developed touch-free vertical yarn sheet pull-out system greatly assists air jet loom operations.

* The colors may differ from those of the actual product.

With a new structure and control for the size boxes and drying cylinders, the TTS10S produces the best sized yarns for an air jet loom.

  • The touch-free vertical yarn sheet pull-out system enables the yarn sheet to run smoothly.
  • Mixing and circulating size liquid in two size boxes achieves uniform sizing.
  • The pre-cylinders have sufficient contact length with the yarns creating perfect fluff lay-down.
  • Easy operation with the T-MDS Machine Data Station

[TW10S WARPER] Superb combination of warper and creel for spun yarns.

Yarn speeds up to 1300 m/min. can be set steplessly. The machine can be stopped immediately when any yarn problems occur, achieving even and stable take-up.

[TCR-V/SV CREEL] Yarn-friendly and reliable touch-free yarn breakage detection

The rod sensor system with a movable tension rod is used. By setting three positions of the movable rods: Stop, Run, and Open, tension can be uniform and broken yarns are easily repaired.