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TSE30F Filament Sizing System

Evolving sizing machine

The motors and our unique control technology stably control the tension from the lowest 40 N. The low tension control is especially efficient for delicate yarns like fine yarns and a small lot. The machine also operates with stable tension during acceleration and deceleration.

  • Versatility
    Ultra-low tension control (option) is introduced. Stable tension control in a wide range is possible.
  • Quality (High Quality Fabric)
    The auto-tuning function of temperature control [Patented] realizes stable temperature control [Patented] in a wide range from high to low temperature.
  • Productivity
    Max. yarn speed: 300, 500 m/min
  • Easy operration and Easy Maintenance
    User friendly "Sizing Navigation System"
  • Energy saving
    Optimized & precise hot air circulation by inverter-controlled blower system

TSE30F Filament Sizing System

Sizing Navigation System